Happy Xmas and Creativebloke's Best thing of the Year

Laughing at a loud rip, originally uploaded by creativebloke.

Ok, So I could tell you what gadgets/tech have been great this year for me, quickly its dropbox, canon pro 9000 mk2, mac pro, modo 401, snow leopard and mbp 13”.

I could also say what learning tools have helped me this year, oh ok, fxphd and Wes McDermott and Ron Brinkmann’s books.

But to be honest all of the above would be irrelevant if I wasn’t happy, and for that I only have one thing to be thankful for, my family.

This year I married Mrs Creativebloke and with Cletus the Basset, these two give me the love, support and impetus to enjoy my life and make the most of the creative opportunities that present themselves.

So while I am looking forward to a creative, restful and gadget laden xmas, it would be no fun without my family to share it with. So the Creativebloke award for best thing of the year is…..Mrs. Creativebloke.

Unfortunately I can’t offer a discount code on this though, ah well, but to everyone I have met throughout the year through all my various online shenanigans, I wish you the best for the Holidays and the best for whats looking like a fantastic 2010 for the creative person.