Shock : Positivity works when a new iPhone is required

So as can bee seen, my iphone took a small suicidal dive this morning.

It all works apart from the glass obviously.

But the thing is old creativebloke would have been destroyed by this, especially when I found out I didn’t have any insurance, (I thought i did but never trust online forms).

But have been doing a lot of positivity mental stuff recently and it works. By reinforcing to myself that everything would work its way out, I rang o2 as I am at the end of my contract and was pondering a switch to orange, and the very nice bloke there reduced my bill and gave me a 16gb iPhone 3gs for free on a 18 month contract.

This of course means i will miss out on the 4g whenever it rolls, but the saving of £185 and a working phone, when an hour before hand I thought i would need to shell out £185 which i wouldn’t get back due to the insurance failure means I am happy, which is a very nice feeling :) Those Jedi had an idea or two I tell ya.