Creativebloke Book Review : The Art of Digital Compositing by Ron Brinkmann 2nd edition

I have heard about this book for a couple of years as being one of the definitive books on digital compositing (or how you make a picture in a computer). Especially now as it’s in its 2nd edition with expanded case studies and exploration of the digital realm.

But for some reason I have always put off getting it, as I was worried it would be too much, or too complex for my small brain.

Thankfully though I managed to get over myself, and I bought a copy.

Now I could say I wish I had got this book years ago (I do), but that’s not important as being at a stage where you WANT to read this book.

If you want to read this book, it means your serious about wanting to understand your digital art and how it works. This book delivers this with Brinkmann giving you a easy to read but fully enabled bible on how compositing works and why at the end of it all none of the science matters as long as the following statement applies “If it looks correct, then it is correct.”

This book has demystified a lot of terms that the bigger boys use to sound cool, such as floating point, linear colour space, high dynamic range imagery. It’s Brinkmann’s greatest skill to show why these terms matter, but they are only there to make your life easier and your images better.

The case studies which come at the end of the book where artists take apart shots from some very notable films, are all the better as by the time you read them you see that people who work in post houses are human beings (very talented human beings naturally), who are just trying to make the shot work.

The other thing this book has done for me is get me very excited about learning more, and surely that’s the best thing an educational book can do.

So to sum up, if you are a digital artist, (I feel it’s just as relevant for still/photography work), and you want to make sure you truly understand how stuff works, buy this book now via this exceptionally handy link.

P.S. this post was written on the new squarespace iPhone app - epic:)