Trying to understand a linear workflow.....with links

I have been spending some of today trying to get my head into a linear space, and I have a very round and bulbous noggin, so it ain’t been easy.

Having already seen consistency by removing gamma in my images before I bring them into modo (to give a consistent colour range). It made sense to try and get a better understanding of why, who, what, etc,

There also seems a disconnect between those who do gamma correction and achieve a linear workflow and those who go ‘what’s a workflow?’ seems quite a gulf in the world of 3d.

So I am going to use this post to collate (with updates) as many links as I can regarding linear/gamma stuff. If it gets listed it means I have read it and it makes sense to my dull brain.

The Beginners Explanation of Gamma Correction & Linear Workflow
An excellent luxology forum thread with a spectacularly easy way of getting why a linear workflow is a good idea. 

Modo Gamma settings
Another forum on setting gamma in Modo, and which mode works best (personally a bit fuzzy on this still)

Photographic content inside modo
Essential - how to adjust the gamma in your imported images for textures/bg’s etc in Modo Podcast - 280909 - Compositing in Linear
A very in depth podcast fxguide where the always excellent Mike Seymour and 3D guru Master Zap tell you why you need to understand a linear workflow. Also Mike tells how you to set up Photoshop CS4 to apply layer blends in a linear workflow. 
Master Zap’s website on linear workflow, also links to some other useful introductory resources.

Stu Maschwitz’s site, now deliberately avoiding linear related discussion, but still choc full of handy links.
(added 06/10/09) In-depth look at gamma (see Gamma FAQ) and colour spaces, link sent by @orangepeel (who also makes fine modo plugins himself)

If anyone has any links they would like to let me know about to help with this, please put them in the comments or email me using the contact form.