Ecological tech starts with the power.

You can be a geek and be green.

Why do I care, well I did some work on a pitch recently which we didnt win, but the research and the people we worked with were effective at making me realise how important RIGHT NOW is.

Also, as I am newly married and with potential little creativeblokers one day, how can I sleep at night, etc, pious, etc.

The one thing that I have realised is that ‘Green’ marketing places too much emphasis on the consumer, and that really misses the point. You can have as many eco friendly light bulbs as you want, but it makes no odds if your power supply is non renewable, yes coal i’m looking at you. 

So Squarespace uses renewable and so does Creativebloke via Ecotricity using Apple Macs, and to find out why if you live in the UK it really makes sense to (at least for electricity, for now.), why not watch the following inspiring carpool with Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity).