Creativebloke review : TextExpander

Yes I’m lazy enough to replace my name with an abbreviation.Another essential app, and after a day of use a family pac was bought. Textexpander basically uses key shortcuts to paste in text, script whatever you want.

Its a bit like crack all of a sudden “Mike Griggs” has been replaced with typing “-mg”, that doesn’t seem a huge issue, but things like flickr tags, especially for kit are a real sod to remember. So all of a sudden all I need to do is type “i100” for a photo posted from my IXUS 100is  which generates the following text string “Canon IXUS 100IS, Canon Powershot 780, Canon Powershot SD780 (Digital IXUS 100) IS,”.

What’s really powerful is that Textexpander works across the system so type your shortcuts anywhere and in any app and they work - genius.

Also there is syncing across mobileme (hence the family pack), and it appears syncing also works across the god that is dropbox.

But try it out for free, theres a fun feature on the registration pane which shows you much time you are saving, and that for me was what made the purchase decision easier.