Park Camera’s don’t believe the labelsNormally I am happy that my local camera shop is Park Camera’s but having just come back from a quest for an A3+ Printer, I have been left sorely disappointed with the service available. 

I was going looking for a Canon Pixma Pro 9000 mk2, but they had the Epson r1900 for £379.99 on the sticker price, after a chat with one of the sales guys, I went for the Epson, as to be fair the majority of reviews lean to the r1900.

After 2 minutes of being left alone, the sales guy came back to say that the price listed was wrong and that the cost would be £450.

Naturally I challenged this, and an awkward 30 seconds of silence ensued of staring at the assistant as both he and I ran through a range of awkward facial expressions at the absurdity of what I had just heard. But I was told that there was nothing they could do, and the guy ‘in charge of printers’ would decide if I could have one at that price from ‘old’ stock when he came in tomorrow - gee……

I am fairly sure I could have challenged this, but just couldn’t be bothered as the fact that they had the bare cheek to try and fob off their cack handedness on me by asking me to pay £70 for the privilege of their mistake left me somewhat dumbfounded, and to be honest tainted my decision to purchase anything from them.

Lets wait and see what ‘the man in charge of printers’ has to say tomorrow…..if he rings……t*ssers