Prevent 'Stretch thumb' - iPhone iCon Tips

The iPhone 3g has become the singularly most important technology enabler (aka cool gadget) in my life.

Having handy access to the services I use regularly has been a godsend. Especially as I spend so much time on the move (oooh getting very close to shampoo commercial dialogue there).

The one thing I noticed, very quickly is that the standard layout of icons meant a lot of moving my right thumb around the screen as I tended to use the interface one handed........that sounded a bit odd.

So using the icon arranger (press on an icon until they all start getting jiggly and a little x appears on each icon), I re-arranged my icons according to type of use, and then amount of use, radiating out from the bottom right, as I am right handed. Obviously for lefties, start at the bottom left.

Start Page(

Start Page Layout (ooh I have mails and not very good at clearing my todo list)

The biggest drag of the iPhone is battery life, this means a lot of diving into settings and managing whether you have wifi on or off, switching to airplane ode for meetings, etc.

Also I have found that when I’m a-wandering that the 3G signal doesn’t always keep up, so a quick flip of the airplane mode switch resets the transmitters and lo, I am back to full broadband quick as you like.

For his reason, ‘Settings’ is the iCon that has prime spot in my bottom right menu bar of the iPhone, then iPod, SMS, and Phone.

(Question, why can’t the phone have the same muisc, and video icons as the iPod touch?)

My start age also has all my essentials utility apps, radiating out in amount of use from the Mail iCon in the bottom left, so OmniFocus and Maps, have secondary importance, Twinkle, Google, Calendar, tertiary (though Google is on borrowed time, with Evernote trumpeting a move up), etc.

Web Page(

WebPage Layout)

My Web Pages is my second page of iCons, with the pages I visit most often placed here. These again radiate out from Safari, as I want this page bundled by usage, I don’t need Google on this page, as I have search in Safari, which gives me quicker access.

Even though I sync my bookmarks via mobileme, I still find having Homepage bookmarks on this screen much handier. Also take time to make iCons of the sites that you visit often, by pinch zooming and enlarging logos of the site you are using before you add it, I find that as a visual person i aim for the purty pictures before the words.

I also try to keep all my web links on one page, as spreading this across multiple pages would get messy, as you always need access to safari as it brings up the page you were last looking at.

Secondary Apps(

Secondary Apps, yes I like movies, doesn’t everyone)

I have to admit, that I find the App Store somewhat overwhelming, but there are still some very useful things out there, Shazam,, the Wikipedia app, Units, are all great. While I am yet to find the perfect game, (I have trism just haven’t got round to playing, v.excited about Spore on the iPhone though). There are enough apps out there to start filling your secondary app screens very quickly, I tend to leave these jumbled and then once a month or so (o.c.d. anyone?) come back and arrange by amount of usage.

So by sticking to this simple notion of orientating icons from bottom corners, I find the iPhone even more pleasant to use, and also less likely to cause aching in my opposable digit.

Does anyone else have any iPhone GUI tips?

If so, leave a comment