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Logitech VX nano
You know when you really like something when it’s not there.

This was true today for me, with the Logitech VX Nano mouse.

For the past few weeks I have taken the VX Nano in and out of work with me , but for some reason this morning I forgot it.

I had my trusty wacom bamboo, but I quickly realised I needed a mouse, so I popped round to my local IT store and got a Logitech V220. As soon as I held the new surrogate mouse, I shivered with regret at how much I missed the VX nano.

Even though the two mice are approximately the same size. The feel in your hand is very different. The VX Nano is better weighted, and the materials have a quality that’s reminiscent of the MX Revolution.

The Nano feels like a quality product, it is exceptionally well balanced in my hand, and then there is the scroll wheel. I just assumed all mice should have a scroll wheel like the VX Nano, as I found out today with the V220, they don’t.

Scrolling through webpages and zooming in and out of apps is a joy with the VX Nano.

For proper work, with up to five configurable buttons and the very handy Logitech control centre (which for some reason many people don’t like) you can configure this beauty to your hearts content.

If you have a mac, put your mighty mouse on ebay and get this, you won’t regret it.