creativebloke 250 word review :: Drobo 2nd Gen

creativebloke recommendation
I have a problem with backup, its tedious and complicated.

What size drive do I need? Do I have contingencies if Time Machine screws up (which it does)? What happens when the drive dies?

Backup is like tidying the cupboard under the stairs. You know you should do it, but maybe next weekend.

I had a 500gb lacie that was studiously Time Machinening (well done apple for making elements of backup easy), but it was filling up quickly.

So I looked to expand my storage, I was prepared to spend a bit as I wanted to not think about this again. I needed expandability, speed and reliability. For that there really is only one option for the single user.

The Drobo 2nd Gen, while the 1st gen was nice, USB only was a bit of a killer.

With the Drobo 2nd Gen fw800 is standard.

The fact that it takes upto four drives make redundancy a non issue. I filled mine with 4x500gb WD Green drives, which keep fan speed, fan noise and power consumption low.

I have my drobo set with 3 partitions, one is a general space drive, I have a TM partition, and every night Superduper clone’s my MBP’s drive into a bootable form for emergencies.

So what happens when the Drobo fills, no problem, pop out a the drives and put a bigger one in, done, no panic, just easy - hallelujah.

The Drobo has taken my problems out of backup, and for that its a must.