Hi and welcome to the new creativebloke, well creativebloke himself isn’t new.

The grey chin hair is appearing at a more alarming rate with every weekly shear, mutter, mutter. But hey, you don’t care about that, what you do care about is what you will see in the creativebloke blog.

Well, your going to see a list of kit reviewed, in ‘creativebloke’s 200 word reviews’.

This will all be kit that I own and have tried professionally, so if it sucks you will be told why, and why it got binned. If its something I recommend, well it will get the seal of approval of appearing on the ‘creativebloke recommends list’ (better title suggestions welcome).

Why 250 word recommednation. Its a challenge to make sure I only write 250 words when I get my geek on about a product that I love.

On the flip side if I can’t write 250 words about something, then why should I waste your and my time in trying to write anything.

Also this is a site in development, the blog especially, and although I am starting to write the blog in rapidweavers default blog page, I am thinking of switching to a more flexible service that will allow posting from my iphone, and I figured why not share the pain.

Other than that expect to see other things that are catching my eye in this crazy world of ours. Also if you feel you want to comment, go crazy and help yourself, remember any feedback is better than none.

Keep cool