Nik software plugins for Aperture help with the European Adobe Tax

Sunsetting on 08, originally uploaded by creativebloke.

Hi everyone, between very intense work and catching the bug that has laid out three quarters of the UK apparently I apologise for the tardiness of blog postings of late.

I have started playing with Nik's software complete collection for Aperture. The definition and creative enhancements that can be created to your shots is incredible.

The image attached is (slightly) colour treated with the plugins after being processed as an HDR using photomatix.

The main thing about the plugins is the fact that they are easy to use, and the UI is consistent across all of them, so its easy to switch between dfine to silverfx and back.

They are also speedy as all heck on my mbpro baring in mind I am using them on 15 mp images from the 50D.

Are they worth £280 probably and will use the free trial over the holidays to see how much the novelty wears off, but that's unlikely, as they better the Aperture plugins for lots of tweaks.

Also with pixelmator coming along nicely, having a non Adobe workflow for image management and manipulation isn't horrendous as you imagine it could be.

Considering that in the UK:

Aperture 2 + Nik Plugins + pixelmator + photomatix = £514

Photoshop CS4 standard = £574 (the extended version, ie the good one is £894)

You can have a non adobe, professional grade workflow for managing and manipulating your images as well as the worlds best HDR tool with £60 left over. Enticing, very enticing.