My thoughts on Watchmen Trailer

The new Watchmene Trailer, excites and disappoint's all at the same time. First of all the Muse (i think) soundtrack doesn't help in the same way the Billy Corgan one did in the original teaser.

Secondly everyone forgave 300 the bad acting and the excessive slow mo as the stylistic approach filled out a very thin 'art piece' of a comic.

Watchmen isn't thin. Its one the most dense and emotional books I have ever read (repeatedly), and with a couple of slow-mo notions and the iffy acting that is showing up with Jon Osterman and Rorschach specifically, I'm now slightly concerned, well alright worried.

I will watch it, and I may even enjoy it. But, I don't think it will be the 'Film of the Book' we were all hoping, still as long as its not as pointless as the '30 Days of Night' movie I will forgive all...except the '30 Days of Night' movie obviously.