creativebloke 250 word review :: etymotic hf2

I am happy to admit there are some things that Apple doesn’t do well. Mice spring to mind, but also they make crappy, crappy earbuds for iPods.

It took me years to find a set of buds that I liked for my iPod, but when I finally got a pair of Etymotic ER-6i Isolators, there was an ‘oh’ moment. As in ‘oh, thats what a good set of earbuds are supposed to do’

But when I got the iPhone 3g, I needed a new set of buds that had the integrated mic and answer button.

I was loathe to lose the Etymotic feel, thankfully though the HF2’s were released, and with a bit of hunting had them in stock.

I cannot give you enough superlatives about how good these headphones are.

3 hours of my day is spent in loud noisy trains, but this horrid ambience all disapears with the hf2’s. From lipsmacking on podcasts, to background traffic in movies, and every nuance in an orchestral piece, I hear it all.

This is all achievable with volume set at 50%, so the curse of the iPhone earbuds (sore ears) is a thing of the past

That said you need to shove them down so far your ear canal that they are scraping your brain, which leads you to sounding like your talking at the bottom of a swimming pool.

But trust me, if you don’t mind earbuds and have an iPhone get these, please, your ears deserve it.