Creating 'Object Buffers' in Redshift for Cinema 4D using Puzzlemattes

Yes it is time for a second tutorial this time how to use AOVs to create useful passes to compensate for the traditional C4D Object Buffer Workflow. Cinema 4D file is available here: Links: Greyscale Gorilla HDRI Link: Immigration for AE:

Slick Productions - AFC Annual Awards Bangkok 2017 backdrops

Big thanks to SLICK productions ( to let me create the majority of the backdrops for the AFC Annual Awards 2017. Creativebloke Ltd. handled Trophy VFX shooting as well as mastering over 100 separate animation files for the awards which were carefully choreographed by Slick's phenomenal production and on-ste crews

NEW 3D World Tutorials including sculpting in Cinema 4D


This month's 3D World magazine has the latest of my 3D basics tutorials, this month it is Bevelling. Also there is a new bootcamp series on essential plugins and module for 3D applications, and I start with the Sculpting module in Cinema 4D.


I also got the opportunity to talk with some of the leading lights in the industry about the current state of rendering, which if like me you geek out over render engines is well worth a read.

WAHEY! New 3D World Tutorials from me to you


It has been a while, but I am back writing for 3D World magazine, and have the first of the new 3D essentials in the latest (apes cover) issue. The 3D essentials series is designed to go right back to basics for all 3D artists, and cover the basic tools and what they 'actually' do. We start with Extrude.

I also have a quick tutorial on how to use proxies with the amazing GPU render engine Redshift in Cinema 4D, which can be bring huge benefits to render times and viewport responsiveness!


Recently I was commissioned by Irene Elliot of So-Shiatsu to document one of her excellent Shiatsu classes. Mrs Creativebloke was the willing volunteer/model, and a great morning was had by all. To capture the essence of Irene's caring philosophy, the shoot was done with very minimal artificial lighting (a small LED panel to ping the eyes) and the rest we used the natural light within Irene's treatment room. This was the first professional job for the A7r2 in stills capacity and it shone as I am finding it usually does with most things that get thrown at it.


Yep you read that right, I am delighted to announce that I have had my first Autodesk Maya tutorial in the latest issue of 3D World magazine (Warcraft cover). In the tutorial I give both written and video tutorials on how to gain a basic understanding of how to use the amazing Biaised GPU render engine Redshift, while also trying to help if you are new to MAYA, which to be fair I still am. I even managed to get a bit of Substance Painter into the Tutorial as well.

I am loving the advances that MAYA 2016 EXT 2 is bringing to the mix...hallo MASH. Also in this issue find out what I think about the latest release of MODO 10.0 in the reviews section.

IF you want to know any more please do not hesitate to get in touch

Learn how to make this scene using MAYA and Reshift in the latest issue of 3D World

Learn how to make this scene using MAYA and Reshift in the latest issue of 3D World


Hi Everyone, its November which is new showreel time........apparently. I am currently taking on projects into the new year, so if you want to know how I can help with your CGI needs, please get in touch!

Creativebloke joins Grammatik

Great news, Creativebloke is now officially working with Grammatik as their CGI consultant. Grammatik are a cutting edge marketing and PR agency working with some of the most exciting clients in tech and CGI so after informally working with them on work for Frankie, Ftrack  and AMD when they asked if Creativebloke could supply CGI consultancy and content creation in an official capacity............well I will let Tina answer for me :D


Creativebloke carries on as normal, but working with Ian and the team at Grammatik opens creative opportunities which will benefit my existing client base as well, as this game is all about learning and meeting. 

The team from Grammatik will be at Siggraph, so look out for them and say that CreativeBloke sentcha!

See my MODO Environment tutorial in this months 3D world magazine

Hi everyone, just to let you know that in this month's 3D world Magazine (Assassins Creed cover, that I have a QA tutorial which deals with Environment setups in MODO. As usual theres a ton of other things in there, with a real focus on 3D printing, with some amazing examples of whats capable in 'the real world!', also make sure to claim your free copy of iClone 5.

See my Foundry training and X-Particles 3 Review in 3D World magazines

So I have been a bit remiss at letting you know where you can find my training, well in the past couple of 3D World Magazines, there has been work published. In issue #195 (Natalie Dormer cover) you can see my training on creating curved mattes in NUKE using alembic geometry.



In the latest July Issue (Hulk is on the cover) #196. I give a quick example of how to setup a simple mograph scene in MODO, smething that has been bolstered by the recent release of MODO 901


In the same issue there is also my review of X-Particles 3, which if you are a Cinema 4D owner you need to check out!.

Hope you like the articles and if you have any questions let me know!