Check out my modo deformer Tutorial in this month's 3D world

Turns out Hippos like being bendy

Turns out Hippos like being bendy

Hi Everyone, in this months 3D world magazine, amongst the many great tutorials is my quick one on how to use a deformer to make a simple proxy mesh drive a more complex one, which has tons of uses for still posing and obviously animation. The new issue is out globally on the iPad and in the UK in the good old traditional paper format 

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014 Photos - Day 1 of 7

So yesterday I went to the festival of Speed at Goodwood for the first time, loved it. Naturally I and my cameras handy (gawd bless the FUJI X100S, surprisingly useful at sports shots if you get close enough). I am going to post (what I think) are the 7 best shots from my day over the next week. If you want to buy a print, please let me know.

You can view the images either on Flickr or My favoured choice 500px.